Our commitment to B Corp Certification

Our commitment to B Corp Certification

B Corp certification represents far more than just meeting stringent social and environmental standards—it has become ingrained in our company's strategy, culture, and operational ethos.

Our aim was to ensure the sustainability and purposefulness of our business model. This necessitated a fundamental shift in our approach.

Initially, navigating the rigorous B Corp certification process was a daunting task. With our score hovering around 40 points initially (with 80 being the benchmark), it became clear that achieving the required standard demanded collective effort across the organization.

Collaborating with experienced consultants who played a crucial role in refining our policies, handbook, and overall people-centric approach, was pivotal. Documenting our ways of working and culture marked a significant milestone in our journey.

Engaging with various stakeholders within and outside the company—including partners already within the B Corp community—provided invaluable insights and guidance.

As we refined our application, gathering additional evidence and planning our next steps, our commitment to sustainability remained unwavering. Achieving Planet Mark status in 2021 and establishing a 'Green Team' to drive our sustainability agenda further underscored our dedication.

While we acknowledge there's room for improvement and countless initiatives to enhance, becoming a B Corp has instilled a profound sense of pride. It's not merely a personal triumph but a unifying force within our organization—a shared aspiration to continually strive for better.

My advice to others embarking on similar journeys: Measure your impact, whether it's carbon footprint or employee satisfaction, and craft an actionable plan. Seek guidance from like-minded companies, and remember, perfection isn't the goal—taking meaningful action is

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