About us

Peak Fitness Wholesale

Peak Fitness Wholesale is a renowned supplier offering a wide array of premium nutritional supplement brands, boasting a diverse selection of over a hundred brands and more than 2000 products. As the global trend towards natural health solutions continues to surge, there's an increasing demand for innovative products that support overall well-being and address various health concerns.

Our commitment lies in facilitating Wholesale and Retail clients in seamlessly accessing these top-tier brands, simplifying the process to ensure widespread availability worldwide.

Our mission since 2007

Since our inception in 2007, our mission has remained steadfast—to emerge as the most trusted partner for wholesale retailers globally, dedicated to fostering natural health. Backed by an exceptional team of dedicated and skilled professionals, we envision a future where individuals lead healthier, more vibrant lives, harnessing the potential of natural healing.

Originally established as Peak Fitness Wholesale, our journey began with a focus on providing worldwide access to the finest quality nutritional supplements, coupled with education and evidence-based advice for functional health practitioners and their clientele.

With offices strategically located in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Taiwan, we cater to customers across the globe. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous selection process, ensuring that only premium products and brands, rigorously vetted by our team of professional practitioners, grace our shelves.